Why The Name docGuru?

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‘doc’ represents the instrument itself – the one fundamentally important entity for a business. ‘GURU’ – a word that originated in India, represents guidance towards a transformation.

The Word ‘Guru’

The word ‘GURU’ – originated in India, which amongst other things represents the start of an educated and informed transition. Much like one relies on a ‘GURU’ to provide guidance towards a transformation, docGuru, transitions a business’s document management from a traditional practice to a fast, reliable and ecologically friendly practice.

The Word ‘doc’

‘doc’ represents the instrument itself – the one fundamentally important entity for a business. It represents integrity, information, communication, records and many more things. Documents ensure the smooth operation of any business, just as much as the people that build and run a business.

Gaps In The Corporate World

Because of a gap of well-organized, accessible and manageable documentation, businesses often run into corporate hiccups such as, GST, ESI, PF audits, corporate compliances and in general keeping up with the various other documentation needs.

By making it easy to know which documents your departments need, by making it easy to request them from appropriate sources and auto organizing these documents, docGuru makes it very “easy” for companies to stay on top of their documentation needs and compliances. As a guru, who navigates their audience and transitions them into a world of clarity, structure and simplicity, docGuru makes the document management of its users simple, structured and convenient.

Affordable, Manageable & Accessible Document Management For Businesses

A nominal subscription fee also makes it easy for corporations to adopt a solution like this versus spending a lot more on human labour to stay organized and on top of their document commitments. Imagine the money you can save from being organized and providing the auditors what they need. Imagine the money you can save above and under the table.

In today’s world, documents are exchanged between an HR manager and potential new employees, accountants and a company’s finance department, an employer or business owner and their staff, from a service provider and a client, so and so forth. Whatever the nature of the exchange, the protocols are pretty much the same;

  • Someone requests a document. Sometimes the person who requests the document also creates a template
  • Individual requesting the document spends, often an immeasurable amount of time, chasing that request
  • This individual, when they receive the document, will file & store the document.
  • At some point in the future, this individual shall retrieve the stored documents for use, cross reference, audit or any number of uses.

docGuru – automates all of the above with minimal setup. Try docGuru today and discover how simple, clear and convenient it is to manage documents for your department and your company.

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