Why is docGuru Necessary?

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docGuru is a document management system that allows you to organize, send and request files easily. You won’t need to manually coordinate with another party to send a file to you. The built-in automation process in docGuru will do it for you. 

docGuru is designed to send reminders every three days.  The software is not just nice to have, but a necessity. It will help to make your work environment more productive.  

You also need to learn how to use docGuru for more effectiveness.  Trust me, your experience with and without docGuru will be a tale to tell! It will seem like getting help from a robot that makes work easier for you. 

Why is docGuru a necessity? 

docGuru is a necessity for every small or large business that values its time, money, and human resources. Here are some reasons why you should consider having the docGuru document management software. 

1. Automated document collection that reduces manual effort

Organizing documents is hard when there is a large bulk of files that need to be handled. Let’s take the scenario of a department that has 10 employees all working on different tasks. Each month, they will need to submit monthly reports and work plans. As a department supervisor, it can be a tedious task, collecting 10 reports each month, and storing them appropriately. 

docGuru makes it easier through its automation. This is what you can do: 

Step 1: Sign Up with docGuru, and add all the 10 employees as users. 

Step 2: Create a document template called – “Monthly Report,” with a frequency to have the document sent close to the end of every month. Set the first reminder at 5 days and a second reminder at 2 days before the end of the month.

Step 3: Sit back and let docGuru take care of the rest.

The employees shall be reminded at the appropriate time to submit their reports and work plans right on time. Any lapses will be visible and accessible to the supervisor easily. In fact, if and when there are lapses, docGuru keeps sending reminders to the employees. 

Say Goodbye to the manual collection and hello to automated document management.

2. Increase  document digitization and claim valuable storage space

For proper documentation and tracking, it may be important to have documents in print form. This leads to bundles of files that contain the documents. Are you running out of space in your cabinets? However, with docGuru, you won’t need to print your documents, file, and store documents in a physical space.

Imagine collecting monthly expenses from each employee. Instead of turning in a physical receipt copy; that you will need to scan, store and file. Your employee will just need to consolidate all receipts into one zip file and upload it into docGuru. 

All employee receipts for any given month will be neatly tucked away. Or perhaps there is another organizational style that works better for you?  Needless to say, the onus of collecting, sorting, storing, and submitting documents will be on the employee themselves rather than your administrative staff. 

The employee does this already anyway. But with docGuru, the employees are equipped with a more efficient tool and your administrative staff can use the time to do other important things.

3. Gain time and improve productivity

DocGuru helps increase productivity in the workplace. Just try to think about the amount of time, you spend searching for a certain file that you had filed in one of the folders stored in your cabinet. Are you feeling that same frustration coming on?! 

It is a common story across the board with every department, company, and organization – storing and filing a document is easy; searching and retrieving a document is a nightmare. You have to rely on your memory. Wait! What if it was filed by a colleague? What if the document was never filed? But here you are assuming it was and searching for something that will never be found.

With docGuru on your side, none of the above questions will go unanswered. Right within the dashboard, you will have clear visibility of which documents have been submitted and which are missing. Accessing the desired document is just a click away and more importantly, it’s all-digital – no more peeking through the top, middle, and bottom drawers of a said cabinet. You won’t have to trouble everyone in the office about a document that you misplaced. 

With the increase in remote working, try to imagine the number of the phone call, SMS, and emails you would have sent to your colleagues. Additionally,  try to trace the physical visits you would make to the office to pull out that document from its storage. docGuru document management system is here to make record-keeping, storing, and retrieving easy and thus drastically improve productivity. 

Major Advantages Of Using docGuru

Did you know that docGuru has a wide variety of advantages? This is what makes getting to use docGuru a necessity.

  1. Save on labor – By getting the users to interact with docGuru, the responsibility of submitting, storing, and organizing falls on both the users and docGuru. Not your administrative staff!
  2. Quick delivery – The combination of auto-reminders and an easy way to submit documents, will make your users not have an excuse for late document delivery. docGuru thus facilitates a quick turnaround time from requesting a document and collecting it.
  3. Building a document library on the go – a given organization or department does not have to establish a side project to store all of their documents. Build your library as you go along and of what you need. Start at your pace and systematically phase out dependency on physical paper while increasing your organizations’ document digitization.
  4. It is extremely affordable and perhaps even reduces your expenses –  Imagine the time you will save! If running a  large organization, imagine all the bandwidth you will save, and your administrative staff can focus on other things. 


docGuru is essential if you want to manage your organization’s documents in an efficient manner. There is no other product like docGuru in the market. Get docGuru now and realize a reduction in manual labor, increase in efficiency, and feel proud of contributing to a greener earth by reducing your carbon footprint.

PS: We are soon going to introduce Earth badges that identify Earth-friendly practices. Sign up today to get a headstart!

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