Use Case – Fantastic Life

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Fantastic Life is the world’s first hormone-balancing nutrition plan. They are a startup with an objective to improve the overall health of the human population by leveraging the natural healing powers of food. Be it to lose weight, boost immunity or overall improve the internal organ health of people working with chronic illnesses – Fantastic Life aims to help mankind. It leverages the science behind eastern medicine, knowledge of naturopathy, nutrition and Functional Medicine as a digital solution in everyone’s pocket. 

How Does Fantastic Life Use docGuru

Fantastic Life is partnered with several service providers in the industry such as meal prep companies, supplement stores, gyms, personal trainers, etc. As a part of their extensive partner network, they often are exchanging documents, collecting documents from their partners such as NDA’s, partnership agreements, policies and a number of other documents. It is imperative that they keep records of each document and version of the document for audit and traceability. 

They discovered docGuru through their online research and subscribed for an initial free trial period. 


Very early on the administrative backend of Fantastic Life discovered the benefits of docGuru. The fact that they knew where their document compliance was with regards to appropriate document statuses shared with their partners was a significant win for them. They could trace back and find out very quickly which partner had signed the agreements, which partner they had an NDA with and which partners were out of sync with their compliance needs. They could in fact administer their partnership program more effectively, by being able to activate/pause any specific partner based on the extent of completeness of their documents. This was huge for Fantastic Life from a compliance and audit point of view. 

Not only was docGuru able to optimize and build efficiency in their documentation practices, but they were also able to put traceability and accountability measures to better manage their and partner’s relationships while adhering to all audit standards.

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