How Does docGuru Work?

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docGuru is a simple & automated document management solution. Not only does it boost efficiency, but it also saves you time and money. With the evolving times, we are all shifting to embracing digitization and digital solutions in the workplace. 

DocGuru is here to transform how you organize your documents, send them to recipients, and retrieve them from other users. Amazing, right? docGuru is automated to store files, send reminders, and share documents with relevant users. It is like a digital file cabinet. 

Retrieving documents is a headache to most of us; especially when we receive and send dozens of documents each day. Hence, docGuru has come to the rescue to make the work easier for you.

How Will docGuru Help Make You Work Smarter?

docGuru is a document management system that will help you collect, organize, and retrieve documents automatically. You won’t have to do it manually again!

In the past years, people used to have problems with filing systems. There was too much paperwork that resulted in big files in the office. However, as time went by, people started embracing digital files. However, even with that, there is still the menace of storing, sending, and receiving files. 

Hence, if you are working in a busy environment, it may be hard to track all the documents received each day. docGuru is a SaaS software that makes organizing, sending, receiving, and tracking files much faster.

The next time your colleague comes asking for a document he sent you last week, you won’t start browsing among hundreds of files to find it. DocGuru is your reliable document organization assistant.

The Benefits Of Using docGuru

DocGuru software has various benefits;

Saves Money And Time

docGuru will ultimately save you money and time. As a SaaS software, it is a complete digital document management solution that allows departments and companies to achieve high efficiency. 

The manual tasks of chasing individuals to send you a document, file, and store are all automated. Above all, if you ever wanted to find out the overall status of your documents, it is visible in one view.

Reduces Frustration

It helps reduce frustration & friction in the corporate workplace. One of the significant contributors to efficiency in the workplace is a reduction in ‘wait time’- this is the time spent waiting for someone else you are dependent on to complete a task. 

The impact of ‘wait time’ is significantly higher when managing documents. Take the scenario of an accountant not receiving all the bank statements for the fiscal year. This ‘wait-time’ translates to late filing, corporate fines, frustration, and friction. 

As an automated document collection service, docGuru significantly reduces the wait time by proactively chasing users, following, storing, and filing documents

Helps Companies Become Carbon Neutral

Global warming is here, it is a reality – there is no denying it. While there is a global push to counter global warming – this one is a significant way to make a dent in global warming. The SaaS software significantly reduces the amount of paper produced and stored, you will be doing your part. Don’t you want to do your part? Sign up Today!

Issues docGuru Solves In The Workplace

Documentation-based frustration is a real thing. To follow up, remind, collect, store, and retrieve are unexciting parts of document management. docGuru takes those ‘boring’ tasks out of your hands. Frustration can be caused by;

  1. The time it takes to create a document and send it to all the intended parties.
  2. The time it takes to contact and negotiate work priorities with recipients.
  3. The time it takes to receive physical document copies and scan to convert them into digital formats.
  4. The time it takes to retrieve, file, organize, and store the physical copies.
  5. The time it takes to find the right file from the right storage location.
  6. The time it takes to provide monthly or yearly reports.

If time is money, that is a lot of money. What is your, ‘office boy’s salary?

Doing things manually can consume a lot of time. At times we even forget that we had sent certain emails or lose important emails in the plethora of unimportant emails. Tracking communication can be even more stressful. 

How many emails do you get per day? Many, right? Now imagine tracking an email sent on Monday on a Thursday? Let’s go the automatic way with the docGuru document management system. 

How to Use docGuru

DocGuru is here to make your document creation, collection, and management easier. This outstanding software allows you to follow up, collect and organize your entire organization’s document status. The process is automated hence you won’t need to do a lot.

How do I sign up for this service?

Step 1: Register to Create an account in docGuru.

Step 2: Create a companywide document library where users can access documents.

Step 3: Add and select users to send and collect documents from. If you are working in a company, add all the relevant personnel as users.

How Does The Automated docGuru Service Work?

Step 1: Whenever documents are requested, docGuru will notify recipients immediately. DocGuru collects electronic versions of documents automatically. 

Step 2: If the initial request gets unanswered, docGuru will remind the required individual to submit the needed document – automatically every 3 days. Thus taking away that crucial task of following up, away from you. docGuru is like your personal assistant that handles all the documents in the office.  Imagine having an employee base of 100 employees and 10 % of your employees not being cooperative. How long do you think it will take you to follow up? 

Step 3: View your entire organization’s document status. You can view which documents are outstanding, which users & employees are up to date, and which users or documents are out of compliance. 

This process is secure, saves money, saves time, and reduces a tremendous amount of human effort.


Document management is a necessary task in different institutions. The current manual methods are time-consuming, resource intense, and don’t address frustration. 

However with docGuru, one can enjoy, a better allocation of resource time, reduction in expenses, increase in delivery time, avoid annual fines, be more organized, and get a complete 360-degree view of your company’s document compliance status. 

Try docGuru for 30 days for free and enter a new age of document management today! Choose the organized way, choose docGuru!

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