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Jul 26, 2021

Today’s business community still relies on manually collecting, filing, storing and retrieving documents. Often these documents are saved in physical files and folders that are open to misplacement, theft, lack of organization and when required just not available as quickly as you need them. There are crores of rupees that industries lose annually in form of challans, due to poor document management practices. docGuru automates the process of collecting documents, saving them electronically, organizing them and retrieving them – thus saving a lot of money, time and physical effort.

Offer: Free complimentary access to docGuru to Accountants

Accountants are a very critical part of the economy. Accountants are often found racing against time, collecting documents, processing documents, preparing and filing all the time. One of the critical inputs being collecting and archiving documents. And thus to support this very critical function and community, docGuru is offering free complimentary access to docGuru for all accountants.

Accountants can now sign up to docGuru by clicking on the “Start Your Free Trial!” button. Once signed up, they can email – [email protected] and provide the following information;

  1. Accountant Name
  2. Business Name
  3. # of Employees
  4. # of Personal Customers served
  5. # of Small Businesses managed

This allows accountants registered with docGuru to create as many admins as they can and grant their staff access to manage their accounts. Create as many recipients and users as they wish. Create as many document types as they wish in their library. Send out as many Email/SMS notifications as required to collect documents. Access to docGuru and its document management is available wherever there is internet access available – thus enabling any remote operations that they and/or their office may have established.

Benefit for Accountants

  • Free access to docGuru
  • Free access to docGuru
  • Add unlimited number of admins
  • Add unlimited number of recipients
  • Manage unlimited number of documents
  • Access docGuru and its service wherever there is internet access
  • Safe and secure management of all of their documents
  • Reduction in office overhead to collect documents
  • 10% revenue share for all business referrals for 2 years

What does complementary free access mean?

This complimentary access does come with some conditions, the conditions are;

  1. Accountants shall refer and onboard a minimum of 10 businesses on docGuru to maintain the free complimentary access
  2. Accountants shall refer upto 10% of their small business accounts they manage via docGuru

Sign Up Now and enjoy the convenience, cost and time savings that only docGuru can offer

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