Automated Document Management for Businesses that Value Money & Time.

Collect, store, organize and retrieve documents manually automatically. Stay on top of document compliance and never pay a dime above or under the table again!

docguru helps you

Save Money


Save Time


Reduce Frustration


Become Carbon Neutral

Become Carbon

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Current Frustration With Document Management

Without docGuru

The current method of managing documents is archaic, manual & resource intense, time consuming, unorganized, inefficient. Break the cycle with docGuru.

Create an electronic form or document

Manually email document/Form to recipient

Manually chase the recipient through phone calls/emails/sms messages

Manually collect copies and put them in binders or on a cloud drive like “google drive”

Needs Manual Labour

Time Consuming

No visibility into overall document status

How does it work?

5 steps of efficiency

docGuru automatically follows-up, collects, stores, organizes and displays your entire organization’s document status clearly – without any help from you!

With docGuru

Create Company Wide Document Library


Add & Select Recipients To Auto Collect Documents From


DocGuru Notifies Recipients Instantly


DocGuru Automatically Collects & Files Electronic Versions Of Documents



Safe. Secure. Saves Money. Reduces Human Effort. Saves Time.

docGuru is like a safe & reliable Virtual Assistant for your documents!

Why docGuru?

Collect Documents

Collect Documents Fast

Automatically Organize Documents

Automatically Organize Documents

Reduce Administrative Frustration

Reduce Administrative Frustration & Friction

Become Carbon Neutral

Become Carbon Neutral

docGuru Use  Case

Use case

Fantastic Life is the world’s first hormone balancing solution. As a startup they collect, organize, store and retrieve some important and sensitive documents. This a story of how Fantastic Life, a health care based company, rely on docGuru to meet their document compliance needs.

Blog Posts

Use Case – Fantastic Life

Use Case – Fantastic Life

A use case of how docGuru helps a startup like Fantastic Life stay on top of their document compliance and maintain strong partner relations.

Why is docGuru Necessary?

Why is docGuru Necessary?

Document organization can cause mayhem. Getting docGuru is not just a choice, but a necessity. It is an ideal document management software that will never let you down in file organization.

Why The Name docGuru?

Why The Name docGuru?

‘doc’ represents the instrument itself – the one fundamentally important entity for a business. ‘GURU’ – a word that originated in India, represents a transformation.

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